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Products - Cargo Monitors

Our rugged, lightweight, low power detectors can be integrated into equipment for real-time alert of the presence of fissile material.  Rather than taking the container to the scanning equipment, we take the sensors to the equipment transporting the freight. This approach of monitoring cargo in-transit does not impede the flow of commerce and provides stand-off distance alerts.

Threat Detection in Cargo

Attributes of our cargo and freight radiation detectors include:

       •  24/7 non-interference monitoring

       •  Neutron detections within seconds

       •  Architected to eliminate “blind spots”

       •  Wired or wireless communication to detector

       •  Rugged and weatherized


Detectors can be installed in rail cars, cargo handling equipment, vehicles and ships to scan freight through standard transport operations.

Cargo Container Neutron Detector

Wireless, battery powered neutron detector attaches to the outside of a cargo container for in-transit monitoring.

Railroad Transport

Cargo Handling Equipment

In-Vehicle Detectors

Ship-to-Ship Interogations