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Consulting - Engineering Services

We provide engineering services in all areas of electronic product development. From IC design to PCBs, system-on-chip to system-in-box, radiation engineering to program management, we augment your team to meet your needs. Our flexibility, core competencies, and focus on customer satisfaction make us the right partner to achieve mission success.


Hardware Development

We provide hardware development consulting services in the areas of IC design and manufacturing, PCB design and assembly, and enclosure development. We can execute a portion of the hardware design to augument your team’s core competencies and enhance your capabilities.

Software Design

Our software development expertise includes application software, embedded software, and communication protocol programming. We also provide comprehensive software packages for IC level and system level test. Our team provides the expertise you need to implement your embedded electronics.

Program Management

Managing a large product development program can be an overwhelming task without experience. Our product management consulting services can be used to manage your program from start to finish, or provide guidance and expertise at steps along the way. We have managed hundreds of government and commercial programs and understand what it takes to run a successful program. Our program managers stay on top of program status to ensure the extended development team is in sync and the program is on schedule and on budget. 

Packaging, Assembly, & Test

Package, assembly and test consulting services include modeling and development of custom IC packages or product enclosures, hardware assembly, and electronic and mechanical test. We proivde the manufacturing capabilities you need to round out your product development team.

Supply Chain Management

We provide supply chain management services to remove the often tedious task of managing a complex electronic development program. Our network of suppliers and extensive experience working with qualified on-shore resources provides you the assurance that your program will be managed and tracked to achieve success.