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Products - Helium-3 Replacements Modules

Helium-3 tubes have traditionally been used to detect neutrons. Due to the increased demand of Helium-3 since September 11 and the limited supply, access to Helium-3 tubes has been suspended and alternative technology sought. Our miniature, solid-state neutron sensor offers attributes that are on-par or better than He-3, making it a solid alternative neutron sensing technology.

Replacing Helium-3 Detectors

Attributes of our solid state neutron sensor tube module include:

       •  High gamma rejection and signal to noise ratio

       •  Detection efficiency equivalent to Helium-3 tube

       •  Same or smaller size than comparable tube

       •  Digital neutron count provided

       •  Low power and rugged


The Helium-3 tube and solid state neutron detector module are 15mm in diameter by 72mm in length.


We are seeking a partner to help us define a medium and large tube replacement module that could be used in mid-size radiation detectors, backpacks, vests, or portal monitors.

The neutron sensor module replaces small tubes that are common in small handheld devices. Existing radiation detectors can be retrofitted with our solid-state equivalent modules, eliminating the need for redesign.


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