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Solutions - Industrial

Industrial electronics performance and reliability requirements differ from commercial and military electronics, but have many of the same attributes. Integration and costs goals are similar to commercial electronics while reliability and quality goals are similar to military electronics. We have unique capabilities to meet these needs. Our product development services and trade-study consulting take the guess work away and allow you to focus efforts on system engineering. System-on-chip (SOC) and system-in-package (SIP) technology provide options to integrate electronics while maintaining high reliability.

Miniaturization through System in Package (SIP)

Save power, weight and area by miniaturizing existing systems into a system-in-package (SIP). We provide specification development or implementation trade-offs to assess the implications of miniaturization and determine the best integration strategy. System-in-package solutions include 3D packaging, multi-chip modules (MCMs) or chip scale packaging. Multiple die or components are integrated at the package level providing a highly integrated part without requiring a full custom ASIC development.

System on Chip (SOC) Integration

Miniaturization and integration of industrial systems can be accomplished by creating SOCs or chipsets. Power regulation, control, analog and communication circuitry can be integrated into one of more integrated circuits for volume, weight and power savings. Feasibility studies are performed to assess the design trade-offs and to create the SOC architecture that best meets the program requirements.

Reliability of Electronics

We understand the nuances of industrial electronics’ reliability. Industrial electronics often operate at extended operating temperature ranges, endure harsh environmental stresses and have long-operating-life requirements. We design, package and test integrated circuits and electronic products using processes and technologies that meet industrial system challenges.

High Performance Technology

High voltage process technology, high-reliability IC packaging technology and comprehensive IC and electronic testing support the requirements of industrial electronics. We have IC foundry partners offering technology up to 100V using CMOS or bipolar processes. Our package options include ceramic, organic and plastic substrates giving us options to create the highest performance, most reliable solution for your industrial application.

Migration from FPGA to ASIC

Industrial electronic projects often use FPGAs for proof-of-concept or low volume prototyping, but find them costly when volumes increase. We offer the ability to develop your initial FPGAs with a migration path to ASIC in mind. FPGAs can be ported to low cost ASIC technology while maintaining the same performance, pin-out and package footprint. Prototype systems can be upgraded to production using ASICs, without requiring system re-design or re-qualification.