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Electronic Design - Manufacturing

After IC design, we provide semiconductor fabrication, wafer processing, IC packaging and IC test. Our strategic on-shore and off-shore partners give us the flexibility to create the best technical/economical solution for your needs. And our manufacturing expertise allows us to create unique package and test options, such as a reliable, low cost known-good-die test methodology and custom IC packages.

Wafer Fabrication

Our semiconductor foundry partners offer over twenty-five (25) years of process technology, providing platforms for advanced high performance integrated circuits and legacy part replacements. ITAR compliant foundry options are available.

       •  CMOS technology from 0.5 micron down to 28nm

       •  BiCMOS technology with SiGe transistors from 500nm to 90nm

       •  SOI technology in 130nm, 90nm, 45nm, and 32nm

       •  SiGe technology for high speed applications

Wafer Processing

Our wafer processing capabilities include anything performed on the wafers post fab and prior to packaging. This includes wafer probe, wafer thinning, dicing and sorting, silicon etch, and wafer bumping.

       •  3” to 12” wafers for test, thinning, and dicing

       •  Probe cards: Cantilever, Vertical, Membrane, Custom RF

       •  Back grind to 6 mils

       •  Wafer bumping

Know-Good-Die (KGD)

Our unique known-good-die (KGD) testing process provides fully-qualified and screened die for multi-chip-modules (MCMs), flip-chip packaging, or system-in-package (SIP). The process meets MIL-STD test requirements and is ITAR compliant.

IC Packaging

Our package development team and IC assembly partners provide state-of-the-art packaging solutions, including custom package design, modeling, and assembly.

        •  Laminate, Molded Plastic, Multi-layer Ceramic, Hermetic

       •  Multi-chip Modules, System in Package (SiP), Stacked Die (3-D)

       •  Flip chip or standard die bond with solder, eutectic, epoxy, or glass

       •  Ultra-fine pitch bonding with gold, aluminum, or copper

       •  Package styles: BGA, CGA, PGA, QFN, LCC, QFP, TSSOP, Cerquad, & others

IC Test

We provide comprehensive testing for digital, analog, RF, and mixed-signal ICs. Our test facilities are ISO, DSCC and QML certified, and comply with industry standards

       •  MIL-STD-883/750 test and burn-in

       •  MIL-PRF-38535/38534 Screening; Life Test, Moisture Sensitivity, Temperature

            Cycling, Preconditioning, HAST, Autoclave, Thermal Shock, ESD

       •  Radiation test; Total Dose, Single Event Effects, Latch-up, Neutron

       •  Device characterization

       •  Bake & Dry-pack; Tape & Reel

Trusted Semiconductor Solutions’ Conflict Minerals Policy

Trusted Semiconductor Solutions deplores the violence in the DRC and adjoining countries and is committed to supporting responsible sourcing of conflict minerals from the region. Accordingly, Trusted Semiconductor Solutions has adopted a conflict minerals policy, as part of Trusted Semiconductor Solutions’ Supply Chain Policies: EHS, Transportation, Labor/Human Resources and Supplied Materials. Trusted Semiconductor Solutions expects its suppliers to adopt a similar policy and to meet the expectations set out below.