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Our Military & Defense solutions are ITAR compliant and provide long term access to electronics. We leverage the latest technology and manufacturing capabilities to meet the needs of critical military, aerospace and defense applications. This includes supporting reliability, qualification, vendor item drawings (VIDs), standard microcircuit drawings (SMDs) and MIL-STD testing. Electronic system and integrated circuit development are performed under our AS9100 quality system. We screen all parts per MIL-PRF-38535 and MIL-STD-883, meeting the stringent quality and reliability requirements for military & defense semiconductors and electronics.

Solutions - Military & Defense

Legacy Part Replacements

Form, fit, function replacements to legacy semiconductors create drop-in replacements of obsolete electronics and avoid the costly, time consuming need to re-qualify an existing system. We support legacy 5V and 3V technologies as well as legacy package types like through-hole (DIP), surface mount, chip carrier (PLCC), pin grid arrays, and quad flat packages (QFP).

MIL-STD Quality

Trusted Semiconductor Solutions qualifies, screens and tests defense semiconductors per MIL-PRF-38535, to MIL-STD-883 and the JEDEC standards. QCI testing to Class B, or Class S is performed using Group A, B, C and D tests specified in the military standard.


ITAR compliance

Trusted Semiconductor Solutions has an ITAR license to develop and broker defense articles. Our supply chain is also ITAR compliant so we can offer spec-to-system development and consulting services on ITAR programs.

System Miniaturization

Save power, weight and area by miniaturizing existing systems into a system-on-chip (SOC) or chipset. We provide specification development and implementation trade-offs to assess the implications of miniaturization. Our team then executes the design and manufacture of the minitaruzed system to meet your program objectives.

On-shore Manufacturing

Avoid threats of counterfeit electronics by manufacturing all technology on-shore. This includes semiconductor fabrication, assembly and test, and electronic manufacturing services (EMS). We have a network of on-shore foundry partners and 3rd party assembly and test facilities to assure 100% on-shore program execution.


Low to Moderate Volume Production

We do not turn away low volume programs or set unrealistic minimum lot charges. We support Department of Defense (DOD) and government programs by offering access to the latest commercial technologies without requiring a high volume manufacturing contract. Options are identified to trade-off costs, technologies, and capabilities to identify the best overall approach for your production program.