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Products - Networked Neutron Sensors

Neutron Sensor Networks

Attributes of our wireless networked neutron detectors include:

       •  24/7 real-time detection

       •  Alerts and locates neutron emitting sources

       •  Provides intensity and tracks movement of source

       •  Rugged, weatherized detectors with long battery life

       •  Remote interrogation through existing secure wireless networks


Wireless networked neutron sensors can be distributed by aircraft, UAVs, UGVs or soldiers and interrogated remotely through secure communication channels using military radios, UAVs, or satellites.

Our wireless, autonomous neutron detectors can provide 24/7 clandestine monitoring of areas. Placing wireless neutron sensor tags in and around an area of concern creates a sensor network that can pinpoint the location of a fissile material threat at stand-off distances. Sensor networks can be established indoors or outdoors in a wide variety of terrain.