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Electronic Design - Product Development

Trusted Semiconductor Solutions can help turn your idea into reality.  In addition to integrated circuit development and manufacturing, and embedded and system software development, we have the skills integrate the pieces and deliver a complete product. This includes developing printed circuit boards, assembling printed circuit cards, designing and fabricating custom product enclosures, performing system level test, and creating comprehensive product manuals and documentation.

Printed Circuit Boards

We provide a full range of custom PCB (printed circuit board) services including schematic capture, PCB design and layout, and fabrication. Our designers ensure the correct materials, line trace and space widths, and design rules are used to meet your circuit, mechnaical architecture, and assembly requirements.

       •  Mulit-layer & rigid or flex circuit board technologies

       •  High density & high speed designs

       •  Lead-free, ROHS options

       •  Low cost prototypes

Electronic Assembly

Our contract manufacturing capabilities include PCB assembly, conformal coating, integration and mechanical assembly, and wire harness and cable assembly. We manage inventory and bill-of-materials (BOM) to support prototype runs and high-volume production. Our on-shore assembly partners provide the latest manufacturing technology.


We have the tools and skills to create a custom enclosure for your product. 3D CAD models of the enclosure are created based on your specifications. Prototypes are created using 3D printing, injection molding, or CNC machining. Based on your volume production needs, a cost effective manufacturing approach is selected and fabrication occurs at one of our partner facilities.

System Test

We perform system level test services to validate that the final manufactured product operates as expected. A detailed test specification and process is developed and our test software is architected to fully exercize the end product in a fast and simple method to minimize overal system test costs.

Product Manuals

A product is not complete without documentation. We develop product manuals and user documentation that is clear, concise and thorough to ensure the customer has all information needed to use the product.

System Programming

After your system has been manufactured, we will program and test the system’s application code. Our software development team provides expertise in developing embedded and application software or this software can be provided as part of the system’s bill of material.