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Consulting - Radiation Effects

We are recognized in the industry as experts in radiation effects and SOI technology. Our radiation effect consulting services can be used to thoroughly understand the impact of radiation on your electronics prior to fabrication and field test. We can analyze your current system and circuits and offer radiation mitigation strategies. We can implement radiation-hardened-by-design (RHBD) circuitry to reduce or eliminate the impact of radiation on your integrated circuit and we can radiation test ICs and electronics.

Radiation Analysis

We have unique experience and expertise in analyzing CMOS, SiGe, and SOI devices. We have translated scientist-level radiation effects analysis into methods, processes, procedures and tools to enable “radiation engineering” of complex circuits.

       •  First principle models for CMOS, SOI, and SiGe

       •  SPICE-level charge deposition models

       •  Circuit simulation methods for SEU

       •  State-of-the-art 3D-TCAD for confirmation of critical device volume

       •  Spheres method to calculate ion-ion interactions

       •  Circuit topology mitigation techniques and analysis of the composite error rate

Mitigating Radiation Effects

Radiation effects in integrated circuits and microelectronics are mitigated without significantly impacting the performance and size of the electronics. We evaluate systems to determine a mitigation strategy that includes all aspects of design – IC architecture, circuit design, layout, foundry technology, IC packaging, and electronics design. Our team executes the radiation mitigation plan and verifies through simulation and radiation test.

Rad Hard By Design

We develop rad-hard semiconductors that withstand or are immune to total ionizing dose (TID), single event upsets (SEU), single event effects (SEE), transients, latch-up, and neutron effects. Our team

       •  Assesses target technology for strengths or weaknesses relative to radiation

       •  Architects the IC to mitigate radiation effects

       •  Incorporates rad-hard by design (RHBD) structrures or utilizes a rad-hard

            technology library throughout the IC design

       •  Targets IC packaging approaches that support the radiation environment

       •  Tests and validates the IC for radiation effects

       •  Qualifies the device or technology for space flight, Class S MIL-STD-883

Radiation Test

We perform comprehensive radiation testing of ICs and electronics using on-shore test facilities. Our test team develops radiation test plans, builds test hardware and software, executes the radiation tests and reports the results, correlating them to expectations. We perform total ionizing dose (TID), prompt dose, dose rate, neutron, latch-up, and single event effects (heavy ion & proton). Our test facilities include

       •  1 MeV e-Accelerator

       •  Gamma Sources; Cs-137 gamma ray, Co-60 gamma ray

       •  Neutron Sources; Sub critical reactor, D-T Neutron Generator

       •  X-ray Sources; Low Energy X-ray, ARACOR-4100 X-ray and Flash X-ray