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Electronic Design - Software

We have software development capabilities that include Verilog and VHDL coding, firmware development, embedded and application software. Software is used to develop and test integrated circuits and electronic systems, including FPGA and ASIC coding, microcontroller programming, communication protocol development and graphical user interfaces. We can provide specific services or execute the whole project. Our expertise in hardware and software development allow us to architect and partition a system that offers options to meet your power, performance, and cost requirements.

Embedded Software

Embedded software is required for any system using microcontrollers (uC or MCU), microprocessors, or digital signal processors (DSP). Our microprocessor, MCU and DSP programming expertise can be applied to stand-alone ICs or embedded processors. We understand how system hardware and software are intimately linked which allow us to develop effient embedded code for the hardware platform and end application. We know how real time aspects of embedded software are critical to system operation.

RTL Coding

We design and validate ASICs and FPGAs using Verilog or VHDL code. We understand the nuiances between coding for FPGAs versus ASICs and have a methodology to port FPGA code to ASICs. In addition to developing synthesizeable RTL, we also use Verilog to develop verification software for digital ASICs.

Communication Protocols

Our communication protocol programming expertise includes simple, low level protocols like IIC, SPI and CAM, high level protocols like PCI, SERDES, Ethernet, MIPI and USB and wireless communication protocols like 802.11, Dash7, ZigBee and Bluetooth. We know many different embedded system communication protocols and can help choose the right one for your application.  

Test Software

Development of test software includes embedded test structures, like JTAG, Scan, and BIST and functional test. IC testing includes at speed ASIC testing, device characterization, and environmental test. And system test includes funcational, performance and environmental testing. Our software and test team work together to create the test software required to fully characterize and validate your hardware, ensuring it meets the quality standards for the application.

Application Software

Whether you have a commercial, industrial, space, or military application, we can develop the software needed to make your program a success. We have designed windows-based applications, Android applications and graphical user interfaces (GUIs) for multiple platforms. We design and program application software from your specifications, drawings or concepts.