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Solutions - Space

Space solutions are similar to military & defense solutions, but add radiation effects into the mix. For electronics to operate properly in space environments, they must be radiation hardened. Radiation hardening can be performed through IC design, process technologies like silicon-on-insulator (SOI) or elaborate system-level shielding. Trusted Semiconductor Solutions offers rad-hard-by-design (RHBD), radiation hardended technology (commercial semiconductor processes with radiation hardened libraries) and radiation analysis and mitigation consulting services. We utilize space qualified IC packaging and perform radiation testing and space qualification.

Rad-hard Electronic Design

Rad-hard integrated circuits are designed using rad-hard-by-design (RHBD) techniques to maintain extremely low single event upset levels (1e-8 to 1e-12 upsets per bit-day depending on application), no latch-up, high total dose, and neutron survivability. Our expertise in SOI technology, radiation effects, and semiconductor physics allow us to implement RHBD structures that minimize the area penalty and maximize the radiation hardness of the circuits.

Space Qualification

We qualifiy, screen and test space semiconductors per MIL-PRF-38535 and MIL-STD-883. QCI testing to Class S, or Class V is performed using Group A, B, C, D and E tests specified in the military standard. Group E radiation tests include neutron, total dose (TID), transient, latch-up, and single event effect (SEE) tests.

Radiation Testing

Radiation testing of integrated circuits and electronic systems includes tests for total ionizing dose (TID), prompt dose, dose rate, neutron, latch-up, and single event effects (heavy ion & proton). Our ionizing radiation environments include: Low Energy X-Ray, ARACOR-4100 X-Ray, Flash X-Ray, 1 MeV e-Accelerator, Cs-137 gamma ray, and Co-60 gamma ray.  In addition to performing the radiation tests, we also develop hardness assurance test plans, create the custom test boards and fixtures required for radiation testing, and thoroughly analyze and report test results.

Rad-Hard ASIC Libraries

Rad-hard ASIC libraries have been developed and are planned for leading-edge, on-shore commercial foundries. A 90nm SOI rad-hard library is available today. A 45nm SOI rad-hard library and 32nm SOI rad-hard library are planned.

Space Qualified IC Packaging

Trusted Semiconductor Solutions provides integrated circuit package development and assembly for space flight semiconductors. We offer the latest ceramic, hermetic and organic package technology, including column grid arrays (CCGA), flip chip bonding, 3D packaging, and multi-chip modules (MCMs).