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Consulting - Trade Studies

Trade studies are integral in determining the best cost/benefit for a given project. We have comprehensive experience in performing trade studies on a variety of scenarios.   What happens when circuitry is radiation hardened? Is there a cost savings to miniaturize my system? How will changing my receiver specifications affect my IC architecture? Our team can help answer your questions and guide you in making wise decisions for your project.

Miniaturization Cost Study

Are you wondering how to save costs in your electronic systems? Does your Bill of Materials look overwhelming? We perform miniaturization cost trade studies that can uncover the pros and cons to miniaturizing your electronics.  We deliver go-forward options that meet your specific program goals, such as cost, weight, or size improvements.

Radiation Hardening for Space

Do your electronics need to operate in space or in high radiation environments? Our radiation experts can help. Our radiation hardening trade studies suggest the best path forward for space qualified electronics. We evaluate methods to develop rad-hard electronics including fabrication, packaging and space qualification. Trade-offs between cost, size and performance are performed, leading to a rad-hard development approach for your electronics.

Hardware Validation

Our hardware, software and test team develop comprehensive hardware validation plans to facilitate the daunting task of validating your electronics. We have expertise in MIL-STD-883 and JEDEC test procedures that are required for aerospace, military & defense, and industrial electronics. A hardware validation trade study brings the confidence that all areas of electronic test and characterization have been considered and a thorough validation process developed.   

Specification Implementation Study

Do you have a great idea put aren’t sure how to implement it? We perform trade studies to provide you options for implementation. We evaluate your specification and program goals and suggest technology, integration techniques and validation approaches to successfully implement your project.

Feasibility Study

We provide feasibility trade studies to evaluate system architectures and implementations. If you have ever thought, “I wonder if …?” or “Could we …?” We can help. The results of feasibility trade studies can open up adjacent markets, aide in specification development, and identify possible product enhancements.